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    The New Peak Pro Vaporizer by Puffco takes the original Peak to the next level with some incredible new features so you can enjoy excellent performance and outstanding flavor. This portable e-rig is designed to unlock the fullest potential of your material with its single-button interface, deep customization options via the Puffco Connect app, and its patented 3D heating chamber for improved heat distribution. You can enjoy the best vaping experience ever using the unit’s Joystick Cap and laser-cut perc slots for improved water filtration. The New Peak Pro is powered by a long-lasting 1700mAh battery that’s rechargeable via fast charging using the rig’s USB C charging port. Wireless charging is also an option using a wireless charger you may already have. The New Peak Pro offers 4 pre-set temperature settings that are indicated by blue (low), green (medium), red (high), and white (peak) LED lights. While these temps span a good range, you can customize each setting more precisely in the Peak Pro app. If you want to enjoy amazing vapor quality with outstanding flavor, the New Peak Pro won’t disappoint! This modern e-rig is available in three color choices: Onyx, Pearl, Desert, or Flourish. It comes packaged in a handsome and discreet carrying case that’s perfect for travel. In the Box: 1x Puffco New Peak Pro w/ 3D Chamber 1x Joystick Cap 1x Loading Tool 5x Dual Tool 1x USB C Cable 1x Carrying Case

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