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    The geniuses at HoneyStick did it again! The MiniMax is a super convenient and ultra discreet vapor battery that’s shaped like a regular key fob. This fantastic design solution allowed them to pack a 500mAh battery that runs on 4V output. The MiniMax allows you to plug almost any standard cartridge/tank onto it and turn it into a fully fledged vaporizer and enjoy fantastic vapor in complete incognito mode. It also has a key ring so you can easily attach it to a chain and nobody will know you’re actually packing a vape and not a car key. If you’re at all familiar with HoneyStick products then you know how good they are and how much the team does for its customers. With this, they’ve definitely hit the nail on the head and made the most amazing miniature vape ever. If you love great performance and want to be discreet, the MiniMax is hands down the best vape out there. The cartridge/tank is not included with it and you will have to attach your own preferred option.

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