Linx Vapor Nectar Needles – Pack of 2


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    It can be tricky and messy to fill your vaporizer. Getting the liquid into the small tank opening requires concentration and a steady hand. It can be a real hassle to use a drip bottle or eye-dropper to fill your vaporizer. If you’re looking for an easier way to fill your favorite vaporizer, you need this pack of 2 Linx Vapor Nectar Needle Extensions. Using one of these nectar needle extensions makes the job fast, easy, and mess-free. Included is 1x 22.86mm nectar needle and 1x 27.94mm nectar needle. These Linx Vapor Nectar Needle extensions work with all glass syringe applicators. Get yours today and take the hassle and mess out of filling your favorite vaporizer.

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