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    It used to be that the BB3 mouthpiece was an accessory for DynaVap vaporizers. But now the BB3 is a complete vaporizer that’s really cool!Like other DynaVap devices, the BB3 Vaporizer doesn’t operate via batteries or electronic parts. Instead it uses an external heating source like a butane torch lighter or induction heating. The mid-section of the BB3 features 3 blue beads for diffusion and divots along the sides. This DynaVap device features an air port and and a 10mm male joint, making it compatible with 10mm female fittings. You can easily connect the BB3 Vaporizer to your favorite 10mm female-jointed water pipe or bubbler to enjoy water-filtered rips full of flavor! The BB3 is a great addition to any DynaVap collection and it fits in the standard DynaStash or SlimStash! The BB3 comes complete with a 2021 Stainless Steel Tip and a Captive Cap. It’s available in your choice of Gray, Blue, or Pink.

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