Debowler Narwhal Silicone Ashtray


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    This innovative and unique ashtray with the narwahl design is called the Debowler and it’s made specifically for cleaning water pipe and bong bowls. The Debowler features a central aluminum cleaning spike which is the narwhal’s horn that makes emptying bowls easy. Just tap your bowl on the narwhal’s horn to clean out all the dirty spent ash and other gunky junk. The 5-inch wide ashtray’s minimalist design will fit into any decor. The Debowler is heat-resistant and features a platinum-cured silicone bowl. The Debowler naturally suctions to any dry clean surface to keep it stable during use. And since it sticks to a tabletop, you can empty and clean your bong bowls using just one hand! The Debowler is dishwasher-safe so it’s easy to keep clean and looking like new.

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