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    Boundless ExpectationsThe Vexil certainly meets the implications of its name, a high standard of dry herb vaporization. Within the compact metal frame lies a half gram ceramic conduction oven, four temperature settings, innovative zirconia cooling system, powered by a mighty 1800mAh battery with USB-C recharge capabilities. All the power you need to smoke your delicious dry herbs anywhere you go in the palm of your hand.Won’t Leave You VexxedBoundless is no stranger to the vaporizer market, so can expect the Vexil to not only function great, but easy to use as well. Remove the Vexils magnetic mouthpiece and load the ceramic chamber with your dry herbs. Snap the mouthpiece back in place and press the main button five times to activate the battery. Use the two smaller arrow buttons on the side of the Vexil battery to selct the temperature that’s best for you. Green being the lowest temperature setting, and red being the highest with two temperatures in between. The leaf-flame light on the face of the Vexil will blink while heating up and becomes solid when the oven has reached the temperature you’ve selected and your ready to inhale that sweet smoke. You may notice how cool and smooth that hit is, and there’s a good reason why. Helix Zirconia AirpathThe Vexil is the first Boundless vaporizer to integrate zirconia, a neutral material similar to ceramic and titanium with greater ability to cool down vapor with no impact on flavor. The benefits can be found in the spiral cooling air path, and Vexil mouthpiece. Within the zirconia air path is a helix insert used to extend the airpath internally so that vapor cools before exiting the mouthpiece.The Vexil is the ideal dry herb vape travel companion, supremely compact and pairing perfectly with most smoking travel accessories. You might say the possibilities for the Vexil are boundless.

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