Silicone “Dab Collector” Vapor Straw with Titianium Tip


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    For those times you want to take a quick hit, reach for this 6.5″ long Silicone Vapor Straw with a removable titanium nail. The body of the straw is made of food-grade silicone and the 14mm male tip is made of Grade 2 titanium. This dab straw is the best way to dab when you’re on the go. There’s nothing to assemble or load. Just heat up the straw’s titanium tip and dab away! When you’re done dabbing, put the silicone cap on the end of the straw and toss the whole thing into your bag and go. This dab straw is unbreakable, reliable, and easy to take apart to clean. It’s perfect for taking quick and easy low-temperature dabs. Because the nail tip is made of titanium, it heats up fast, and much quicker than a tip made of quartz.

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