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    Vaporizer screens are designed to keep your vaporizer working properly. We’ve got stainless steel replacement screens that work for most whip-style vaporizers. Using a clean screen prevents your blends from being drawn through the whip or falling into your vape’s heating element. While all our stainless steel screens can be cleaned by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol, they will need to be replaced eventually. Screen Guide (.583) Screen Da Buddha – Hands-Free (new style wand)Silver Surfer – Hands-Free (new style wand) Life Saber – Water Adapters & New Style Wand 5/8 INCH (.625) SCREEN Da Buddha – Hands-Free (old-style wand) Da Buddha – Custom DBV Wands Hot Box Vapors – Hands-Free Silver Surfer – Hands-Free (old-style wand)Silver Surfer – Spherical Silver Surfer – Standard Life Saber – Old Style Wand 3/4 INCH (.75) SCREEN Vapor Brothers – Standard VaporBox – Standard Vapor Tower – Standard 1 INCH (1.0) SCREEN Easy Vape – Hands-FreeEasy Vape 5 Digital – Hands-Free VaporBox – Hands-Free Vapor Brothers – Hands-FreeThese are high-quality stainless steel vaporizer replacement screens. These screens are precision-machined with no sharp edges. They’re designed to last longer than other cheaper screens to give you more bang for your buck. Do yourself and your vaporizer a favor and use high-quality stainless steel screens for optimal performance and pleasure.

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