Pulsar Vapor Vessel Recycler Kit


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    Enjoy big dab-rig quality rips packed with smoothness and flavor with the sleek and portable Pulsar Vapor Vessel Recycler Vapor Straw.This handy vapor straw measures 11.25 inches long and features a recycler water filtration design as well as a showerhead percolator to ensure smoothness and flavor in every ‘sip’ you take.This vapor vessel is made of top-quality boro glass and offers all the intricacy of a table-top dab rig packed into a handheld design.The Vapor Vessel Recycler has a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a 14.5mm quartz dab tip with a metal joint clip and a glass stand that’s complete with slots for the dab straw and tip! The Vapor Vessel Recycler ships in varying colors, depending on availability.

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