Proto Vape 2-in-1 Vaporizer Pipe


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    Have you ever wanted a pipe you can use for smoking both bud and concentrate? We’ve got just the thing! The sleek and portable Proto Vape Vaporizer Pipe is a dual-purpose pipe featuring a swivel lid that reveals a generous-sized windproof bowl with a built-in screen.The metal disc on the underside of the bowl unscrews for easy cleaning. While it’s unscrewed, you can screw on the included clear boro glass jar to turn the pipe into a portable vape! Just add your concentrate to the glass jar and torch it up from underneath so you can vape without any batteries or electronics. It’s pure genius! The Proto Vape has a slender stem with a comfortable, flexible mouthpiece. When it’s time to clean the pipe, you can unscrew the stem from the bowl and use it as a pipe cleaning poker. Not only is the Proto Pipe easy and fun to use, but it’s also easy to store and travel with. The pipe sports a sleek silver finish and is practically indestructible. If you love to combust both bud and concentrate, this discreet little pipe won’t disappoint because it’s freakin’ awesome!

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