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    This first-generation model of the Hydrology9 portable vaporizer revolutionized what portable dry herb consumption could look like. Rather than creating something that looks like a regular rig or bong in a modern electronic form Cloudious9 took a more creative avenue. The Hydrology9 resembles a water bottle or glass cup more than it does your average bong, from afar you certainly wouldn’t recognize it as a smoking device. Don’t let the sleek exterior fool you though, like 007 in a fitted suit this vaporizer is every bit the powerful secret agent of smoke vaporization it’s intended to be.As seen in their grinders and previous vaporizers, Cloudious9 is determined in creating only the finest smoking accessories, showing unrivaled attention to detail and the Hydrology9 meets every standard of this philosophy. Impressive features like five different temperature settings, a glass mouthpiece, and a self-stirring heating chamber display just how dedicated Cloudious9 are to bringing the cannabis culture and your smoking experience to new levels. Mouthpiece, Chamber & Magnetic CoverThe Hydrology9 mouthpiece is a 1/4 inch thick molded piece of borosilicate glass, chosen for its durability and cleanliness, having no impact on the flavor of your smoke sessions. You’ll also find this glass mouthpiece has a comfortable curvature and is exceptionally easy to clean. Most impressive of all, Cloudious9 has engineered a built-in ball valve within the mouthpiece, which allows the Hydrology9 to be carried and turned in any direction without spilling! A magnetic aluminum alloy cap protects your Hydrology9 mouthpiece when not in use or on the go.Who knows what the Hydrology9 would be without its water filtration chamber. The Dryology9? The cylindrical chamber features the same durable borosilicate glass used to create the mouthpiece giving you a crystal clear view into the filtration of your cannabis smoke.Advanced FiltrationConquering the titanic task of an unobstructed flow of vapor while keeping the Hydrology9 leakproof, resulted in Cloudious9 creating a brand-new filtration method and the birth of their “tunnel tube” liquid filtration system.Custom Heating Element and SettingsThe Hydrology9 contains a food-grade porcelain chamber to hold and heat your dry herbs to a precise temperature of your choosing. This is achieved using an advanced microchip processor to monitor the oven temperature and make adjustments within milliseconds to maintain the chosen heat setting accurately. Heat is distributed evenly with the help of a stainless steel stirrer that sits in the center of the chamber when attached to the Hydrology9 battery. No other dry herb vaporizer boasts this sort of even heat distribution. Use the single button on the Hydrology9 to cycle through 5 temperature options represented by different colored LED lights.Whether at home or traveling, Cloudious9 has created the Hydrology9 to be the most functional and stylish option for consuming your dry herbs at their maximum potency. The lowest setting is represented by a blue light graduating to higher settings, red representing the highest. Each color will illuminate the water chamber above creating quite the scene when combined with air and smoke.

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