GRAV Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish


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    GRAV® Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish A quartz vapor straw is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to dab. The GRAV® Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish offers a dense quartz construction with a tapered cone end and a comfortable mouthpiece, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable dabbing experience. Heats Quickly: The tapered end of the straw heats up rapidly with a pen lighter or torch on a lower setting, requiring only a few seconds to achieve an optimal dabbing temperature. Easy Dabbing: Dabs are conveniently placed in the heavy borosilicate dish, providing easy access and flavorful hits during use. Convenient Design: The dish can be hand-held while using the vape straw, enhancing convenience and ensuring a seamless dabbing process. Prevents Rolling: The specially designed shape of the quartz straw prevents rolling, offering stability and ease of use. Portable Alternative: Ideal for on-the-go use, the vape straw serves as an excellent alternative to carrying a traditional rig, providing a hassle-free dabbing solution. Elevate your dabbing experience with the GRAV® Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish, offering a blend of functionality, convenience, and portability. Dip it, and sip it.

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