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    Want to easily enjoy your favorite concentrats while on the go? The G Pen Micro+ Concentrate Vaporizer is just what you need! This sleek and powerful handheld vaporizer is the updated version of the classic G Pen Micro. The Micro+ uses a ceramic plate heating element with a quartz liner that helps you get the most flavor and vapor production from your concentrates. This portable unit from Grenco Science with the sleek & discreet black exterior is powered by a USB-C rechargeable 850mAh battery. It offers both manual and automatic heat up modes as well as three variable voltage heat settings so you can customize your seshes as you wish. The 4.25-inch long G Pen Micro+ is comfortable to use with the silicone-covered mouthpiece that doesn’t get hot. You never have to worry about any outside materials tampering with the quality or taste of the vapor you inhale thanks to the airpath that’s made of ceramic.When you order the Micro+ you’ll get a premium travel case that has a space inside for a wax container and a handy packing tool.There’s no doubt that the G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer was designed with stealth and discretion in mind as it sports a clean and sleek pen-like body. It’s a powerful vaporizer packed with the features needed to do your vaping on the go without attracting unwanted attention. In the Box: 1x Micro+ battery 1x Micro+ tank 1x Micro+ mouthpiece (silicone mouthpiece & tank cover) 1x Keychain tool1x USB to USB-C charge cable 1x Travel case (7″x3″)

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