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    The Boundless Vaporizer CFC Lite is a powerhouse portable vaporizer in miniature, 4-inch form. Don’t be fooled by its tiny appearance – this thing will give you massive clouds! It sports a full-size ceramic chamber that utilizes conduction heating. There are 3 temperature settings: 385°F, 403°F, and 421°F. The vape heats up in 30-40 seconds when it’s fully charged. The compact, rugged design together with the small sizes actually makes the vape concealable in your palm which can come handy in some situations. The vape comes with a removable 18350 lithium battery which should last 15-20 minutes of runtime which is equal to 4-5 sessions. If you’re into small form factor vapes, the CFC Lite really is the ideal choice. It’s backed with a 3-year warranty and comes equipped with a stir/packing tool, a cleaning brush, 5 replacement stainless steel mouthpiece screens, and a USB charging cable. Really neat piece!

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