Amanita Mushroom Vape Juice / Muscimol E Liquid / 15,000mg Natural


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    Experience the unique infusion of Amanita Mushroom in our premium Muscimol E Liquid. With a potent 15,000mg of natural Amanita extract, this E-Juice offers exceptional value and quality, setting a new standard in the market. Key Features: 15,000mg Amanita Extract Equivalence IBOTENIC ACID FREE 50/50 Premium USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol Blend Enhanced Bioavailability with 1.5g 10X MUSC™ Extract Equivalence Shake well before use Optional Added Flavors: Fruit Smoothie Frosted Donut Cinnamon Danish NY Cheesecake Experience the historical usage of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, drawing from the rich heritage of indigenous Siberian peoples and ancient cultures worldwide. Elevate your vaping experience with our Amanita Mushroom Vape Juice.

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