Zig Zag Slow Burn Classic Rolling Tray


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    If you love rolling joints but you keep making a mess, you need the Zig Zag Classic Slow Burn Rolling Tray. This tray is made of thick gauge steel. It’s got round corners and rolled edges to keep your herb, rolling papers, filters, and lighter in place. This tray will help keep your joint-rolling zone tidy. It will also give you something cool to look at while you roll. The design pays homage to Zig Zag’s original orange rolling papers.The tray comes in two sizes:Large (13.4″x10.8″)Small (10.75″ x 6.5″)Because it’s made of durable steel, the tray won’t bend, warp, or flex out of shape, no matter what you do. Shouldn’t your favorite rolling papers and herb have the best tray? Pick your preferred size and roll one up in honor of the iconic Zig Zag guy.

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