World Piece Medium Hybrid Bamboo Tray


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    Another amazing design by World Piece, this bamboo tray is the perfect item for those who like both concentrates and herbs. The rolling tray is crafted with the highest quality bamboo, with great care and attention to details.The tray comes with all accessories you need for your dry herb and concentrate sessions, and keeps everything neatly packed in a stylish box. The tray has a rectangular design with two parts, held together with magnets. These magnets prevent your tools from falling out when you’re not using the tray. When you open the lid, you can use it as a safe surface for placing your water pipe. The lower section features slots for all the included accessories. These accessories are 3 silicone stash containers, a silicone pad, and a Dabit Card for preparing your concentrates, along with integrated dab tools, a magnetic grinder card, and even a dugout pipe. This awesome bundle of accessories will make everyone’s sessions more pleasurable and organized. It measures 12.6 inches by 9.5 inches.

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