USB Recharge Silicone Base Bumper for 4.25in-6in Bong Glass Water Pipe Straight Tube + Beaker


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    Glow Guard Silicone Base BumperColors Available: GREY, GREEN, ORANGE, BLUE, PURPLE, RED, YELLOW, BLACK
    Designed to fit snugly around bongs, rigs, glass water pipes, or martini glasses, this protective base bumper sleeve solves the problem of your functional glass getting a detrimental break if you accidentally place it down too hard after a fat rip. Plus it adds some party to the sesh! The sleeve has the capability to stretch so the apparatus can fit onto pieces with straight tube and beaker bases between 4.25 inches and 6 inches!
    High Quality Silicone Material
    6 Color LED Changing Light: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Green
    Water Resistant
    Micro-USB Rechargeable Light Puck. 100’s of Hours of Use!
    Stretch Capability Up To 1.5 Inches
    Protects and Illuminates The Base Of Your Glass Water Wipe
    High UV Protection Resulting In Minimum Color Change From Elongated Sun Exposure
    Significantly Better Flame Resistance Than Rubber (up to 400 degrees)
    Illuminate Your Glass Water Pipe With Color Changing LED’s.
    LED’s can be set to 1 color at a time or put into color changing mode.
    Dual Purpose Use For Both Water Pipes And Cocktail or Wine Glasses
    Make Your Friends Jealous 😉
    Shipping: Fast and Free USA + CAN shipping on any orders over $49! Most low volume US based orders will arrive in just 1-3 days! Due to our ability to ship internationally, some shipments may take 4-15 days depending on your location.
    Canada shipping rates will be higher than USA rates as we are located in the USA. We apologize for this inconvenience and highly suggest purchasing 3 units because then we can offer you free shipping and save you some money!
    Returns: 30 day refunds/returns for products that were damaged during shipping or if the wrong product is shipped.
    For any other questions, please email us at [email protected]
    Why Buy From Glow Guard?Of course, we have all broken a bong for one reason or another, but placing the bong down just a little too hard after a fat rip happens much too often. We knew the LED’s would ideally be on the base and that we would love to try and create a multi-purpose product, thus the first concepts of Glow Guard came to life!
    Simple, yet effective, Glow Guard will make your smoke seshes easier, safer, and more fun! Plus we source from the highest quality silicone for a durable and long lasting product.

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