The Ultimate Titanium Dab Tool Set With Pearl Green Handle


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    The Ultimate Titanium Dab Tool Set With Pearl Green Handle Dive into the world of concentrates with our Ultimate Titanium Dab Tool Set featuring a stylish pearl green handle. This set of four tools – including a spoon, knife, shovel, and spear – is crafted from durable titanium, ensuring reliability and longevity. Versatile Tools: The diverse set of tools allows you to handle any dabbing situation, ensuring you’re always prepared. Heat Resistant: The titanium material is heat resistant, preserving the full flavor of your concentrate and leaving no residue. Interchangeable Tips: The tips are interchangeable with the single handle, providing convenience and flexibility for different dab types. Convenient Storage: The multi-pocketed zipper case offers portability and concealment, allowing you to carry your dab essentials discreetly. Additional Silicone Wax Canister: We include a silicone wax canister that fits perfectly into the case, ensuring you have everything you need in one place. Experience the convenience, durability, and sleek design of our titanium dab tool set, making it the perfect addition to your smoking arsenal.

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