Smokezilla 2-Part Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray – 4 Pack


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    We don’t know about you, but we get excited when we see premium craftsmanship and natural materials. Especially when they are used to create something beautiful like this 2-Part Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray from Smokezilla. The 2-piece design allows it to be completely travel-friendly.Just utilize the magnets system and keep it closed as a book or open as a tray. What you get with this genius design is a HUGE rolling area that’s also packed with a bunch of goodies – a built-in ashtray, 6 cone holders, and 2 compartments for your lighter and rolling papers. If that’s not brilliant, we don’t know what is! The fact that this beauty is made from two-tone bamboo is just icing on the cake.The tray also has rolled edges and raised sides so that nothing escapes your rolling area. It measures 7 inches by 5 inches, plenty by anyone’s standards. The tray is sold as a display pack containing 4 rolling trays.

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