Silicone Cactus Dab Straw Collector


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    When you want to consume dabs and do it on the go, use this Silicone Cactus Dab Straw. The food-grade silicone body of this straw is shaped like a desert cactus and you can pick the type of tip you want between a 10mm quartz tip or a 10mm Grade 2 titanium tip.The quartz tip doesn’t heat up quite as quickly as the titanium tip, but it will provide you with delicious dabs. The titanium tip is more durable than the quartz, making it better for high-temperature dabbing. At 5.5 inches long, this cactus dab straw fits easily in your purse or bag. It’s sold in assorted random swirled colors that may vary from what’s pictured. Choose the tip you want and get yours today.

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