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    Ganja Grinder with High CharacterA stellar standout amongst your smoking collection V Syndicates SharpShred Grinders is a multi-colored blend of all things bud! This 4-piece weed grinder shreds perfectly, feels hefty in hand, and has popping colors in a multitude of great designs!Each artfully crafted grinder is available in two sizes: 55mm (2.2 inches) and 63mm (2.5 inches). There is a permanent, full-color graphic setting adorning the lid.The 4-piece grinder features durable anodized aluminum body parts, precision-designed diamond-shaped cutting teeth, textured finger grips, a neodymium magnetic lid, a fine pollen screen, and a kief collection chamber with two scraper tools. Herb Grinder PairingsThe Cloud 9 Chameleon SharpShred Grinder features this high and happy old-world lizard. Hanging onto the cannabis plant, it’s easy to see why its tongue lolls about with red stereoscopic eyes fixed on the prize!A 4-piece weed grinder brings a lot of things together for your stash. Whether you’re twisting up with premium rolling gear, loading bowls of bongs, or using a dry herb vaporizer, a good herb grinder is the center of all that action before you spark up higher!

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