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    This incredible-looking aluminum rolling tray from Puff Puff Pass features the King of the Jungle in bright vivid colors on a black background. You’ll roar will delight every time you pull this tray out to use it. It’s made of high-grade aluminum and designed to take a beating. This tray will last you a lifetime with proper care. We’re not lion when we tell you that your herbal products won’t get trapped in the corners of this tray because it’s got rounded edges. It’s also designed for hassle-free rolling with its non-stick surface that’s easy to clean. The Lion rolling tray comes in two sizes: Small (7″ x 5.5″) and Medium (10.6″ x 6.2″).The small tray is the perfect size to toss in your backpack or bag when traveling. The medium tray has ample rolling room and plenty of space for your rolling accessories like your papers, grinder, lighters, and even your pipe, bong, or bubbler. This affordable, eye-pleasing rolling tray makes an awesome gift for anyone in need of a durable tray for keeping good order when rolling.

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