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    Mini Rigs are known for the powerful, terpene-rich dab clouds they create. The less air there is inside the dab rig, the less time the terpenes have to lose their flavor. The Rip Tide was designed to create a short path from the banger, through the recycler system, and out the mouthpiece to preserve as much flavor as possible.
    Fill the Rip Tide to the correct water level, and be amazed at the riptide created with each inhale. The recycler churns the water smoothly and continuously, making each hit less harsh. Hold onto the Rip Tide using the small glass loop that extends out the back. This is part of the recycler that gives it an ergonomic design. There is a lot of motion in the ocean of this mini rig!”
    RIP TIDE | The Ooze Rip Tide Mini Rig is a handmade borosilicate glass mini rig that is designed for enhancing terpene flavors. Ideal for hot-start dabs, the Rip Tide filters the hot vapor for smooth hits.
    SEA SAND AMBER | The Ocean Green Flood is mostly transparent glass with light tan accents. The rim of the mouthpiece and the inner recycler parts are both light tan.
    RECYCLER | This is a recycler style mini rig. This means that it has an intricate system inside that continuously churns the water through the piece during an inhale, providing tons of filtration and making each hit less harsh.
    HAND MADE | This is a handmade borosilicate piece. This means that the colors of this piece may differ slightly from the photos.
    10CT MASTER CASE | The Rip Tide is available in a 10ct master case. These are great basic glass pieces from a brand you and your customers already know and trust.

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