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    When it comes to rolling trays you definitely want to pick one that has a couple of things going for it. And these OCB rolling trays have all of those things going for them. Each and every rolling tray features art from Sean Dietrich, a legendary artist that stands behind many, many iconic designs in the industry and especially OCB’s products. But being pretty isn’t enough. These OCB rolling trays are made from metal, have curved edges, and high sides. This guarantees durability and that nothing gets out of the tray without you willing it. And then there’s the thing with sizing. We’re all different and have different needs & wants. The good people at OCB honor that and give us plenty of choices; small (7.5″ x 5.5″), medium (11″ x 7.5″), and large (14″ x 11″). Picking the perfect rolling tray got a lot easier now, right?

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