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    Mini Recycler
    Small but mighty, this mini rig is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. Pyrex glass is a sturdy material that allows for great temperature changes which makes it ideal for smoking accessories. A mere 5″/12.7cm in height, this rig can be easily transported or kept at home and used for full flavor hits. This stemless design features an inline percolator, which adds to the smooth hit by breaking up the smoke and cooling it down. An included 14mm quartz banger fits flawlessly into the joint, and is the preferred accessory for dabbing. The banger is more efficient and less fragile than nail and dome setups. A tilted neck allows for an optimal and ergonomic smoking position, while the grip on the back ensures its safety. The crystal clear chamber offers a nice view of your bubbling and brewing smoke and the matching colored mouthpiece and joint piece add a bit of flair to this unique rig. Grab it in blue, green, pink, teal, transparent black or keep it clear.

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