Kool-Aid Drink Mix Diversion Stash Safe XL – 82.5oz Can


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    Introducing the Kool-Aid Drink Mix Diversion Stash Safe XL – an 82.5 ounce can designed to keep your valuables hidden and secure. This secret stash safe is cleverly disguised as a Kool-Aid drink mix can, providing ample space to store your belongings without drawing attention. XL Design The XL design of this stash safe offers extra room to safeguard a wide range of valuables, giving you peace of mind knowing that your items are well-protected. Discreet and Secure With its authentic appearance, this diversion stash safe seamlessly blends in with your kitchen or pantry items, making it an inconspicuous hiding spot for your most important possessions. Features: 82.5 ounce can capacity Secret stash safe design Disguised as a Kool-Aid drink mix can XL size for ample storage Keep valuables safe and secure

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