Kannastor 2.5″ 4-Piece Grinder with Monofilament EZ Screen


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    The huge choice of grinders makes you feel overwhelmed? Your search ends here.First released in 2003, and continuously improved since then, the Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder is credited by users as the best grinder money can buy. And what’s not to love?It’s unique modular design allows you to use it as a 4-piece for pollen collecting when at home, as a 3 piece when you’re traveling or as a 1-piece when you just need a stash jar. This popular grinder has a transparent chamber for a quick view, razor sharp teeth to shred your herbs to perfection and an easy change screen that allows you to experiment with different mesh sizes.It’s CNC machined with durable anodized aluminum and backed with a lifetime warranty, becoming one of the best investments you can make in your smoking experience.

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