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    There are run-of-the-mill flimsy pipe cleaners and there are premium pipe cleaners like Higher Standards’ Pipe Dreamz pipe cleaners. These top-quality pipe cleaners are a far cry from those standard pipe cleaners you can pick up at the local pharmacy.Pipe Dreamz are ultra-elite, premium pipe cleaners with fine bristles. These pipe cleaners flex just right to get into the tightest corners to clean out all that gunked up junk in your pipe or rig. The bristles have textured surfaces that effectively attach themselves to those hard-to-reach particles and other debris.Once you try Pipe Dreamz, you’ll never be tempted to go back to ordinary pipe cleaners again. These pipe cleaners make cleaning your piece so much easier. And when cleaning is easier, you’ll tend to do it more often, resulting in a cleaner pipe or rig that’s better able to deliver the kind of smooth & tasty rips you’re after. Get your 60-piece package of Pipe Dreamz today to make cleaning your rig or water pipe a more pleasurable experience.

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