High Society / Mini Rolling Tray Grinder Combo – Neon Blue


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    Light It Up! Need to consolidate your set up? We’ve got you covered with the High Society Mini Tray with Grinder combo. This versatile combo combines two essential tools for a perfect sesh. Diamond Grinder Teeth: The grinder’s sharp teeth ensure your herb is shredded to the perfect consistency for rolling, vaping, or packing a bowl. Durable Plastic: Constructed from durable plastic, this combo is built to last and will not break apart. Grind Consistency: Achieve a grind consistency ranging from fine to ultra-fine, meeting your specific preferences. Ample Tray Space: The tray provides ample room to store your ground bud and roll up, offering convenience during your session. Great for Gifting: This combo makes an excellent gift for friends or loved ones who appreciate quality smoking accessories. We love this little hitter, and we’re confident you will too. Available in Neon Green and Neon Blue.

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