Hemp Leaf Inception Ashtray


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    Introducing the Hemp Leaf Inception Ashtray – a one-of-a-kind novelty piece designed for cigar, cigarette, and pipe tobacco enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality synthetic materials, this ashtray is not just functional but also a conversation starter. Highlighted features include: Distinctive Design: Molded in the shape of a hemp leaf with an intriguing smaller decorative hemp leaf inside, this ashtray is a visual delight. Convenient Resting Dips: The edges of the ashtray are strategically designed with dips, providing a perfect resting place for your cigarette or cigar. Durable Construction: Made to last, this ashtray is sturdy and reliable for everyday use. Elevate your smoking experience with the Hemp Leaf Inception Ashtray – an exceptional blend of functionality and artistic appeal.

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