Hail Sativa Round Metal Ashtray – 5.25″


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    Hail Sativa Round Metal Ashtray – 5.25″ Say goodbye to messy smoke with the Hail Sativa Round Metal Ashtray. This stylish and functional ashtray allows you to enjoy a clean and tidy smoking experience, while also adding a touch of fashion to your space. Convenient Size: With its 5.25-inch width, this ashtray is perfectly sized for personal use. Lightweight Construction: Made of lightweight metal, this ashtray is easy to handle and transport. Stylish Design: The Hail Sativa design adds a touch of personality to the ashtray, making it a perfect accessory for any smoking area. Functional Shape: The round shape and built-in cigarette rests make it convenient for use. Whether you’re enjoying a breath of fresh air or indulging in your favorite Sativa strain, this ashtray is the perfect companion for any smoking enthusiast.

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