Greenstone Steel Magnetic Dab Tool Poker and Lighter Kit


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    It’s frustrating to interrupt your smoking session because you can’t find your lighter or poker tool. Say goodbye to those days and get yourself the Magnetic Dab Tool Poker and Lighter Kit by Greenstone Steel.This clever and handy little kit has everything you need to set up a water pipe and a dab rig. It contains a magnetic (410 series) stainless steel dab tool/poker, 4 rare earth magnets, and 3 food-grade silicone bands. All you need to do is loop the silicone band around your water pipe or rig, slip your lighter under the band, then insert a magnet and attach your dab tool! Viola! Your seshes won’t be interrupted again because you can’t find the things you need! Everything in the kit comes in a sweet transparent tube with a lid that doubles as a blunt container. The included 4-inch long metal dab tool has a scoop at one end and a poking tip at the other.

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