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    This dynamic metal rolling tray called ‘Digital’ features eye-catching geometric patterns and shapes to bend your mind. This tray is made from durable, high quality aluminum that can stand up to what you dish out. Unlike cheap metal trays, this thick aluminum tray won’t bend or warp out of shape, nor will the colors fade. When cared for properly, this tray will last a lifetime. The Digital rolling tray has a non-stick rolling surface, round edges, and high sides to enhance your rolling enjoyment and efficiency.The tray comes in 2 sizes: Small (5.5″ x 7″) and Medium ( 6.25″ x 10.5″).The smaller size is travel-friendly and will fit easily inside a backpack or bag. The medium sized tray offers more room for all your smoking accessories including your bong, water pipe, or rig.

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