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    The rolling tray you use should be one you enjoy looking at and using to roll your doobs. If you’re looking for a colorful rolling tray with a great design that has a non-stick rolling surface, rounded edges, and high sides, this Amnesia rolling tray ticks all the right boxes. With its colorful trippy swirls and twirls in bright eye-popping colors, this rolling tray is amazing to look at. It’s available in two sizes: Small ( 5.5″ x 7″) and Medium (6.25″ x 10.5″).If you’d like a portable tray you can toss in your bag and take with you, go for the small size. Otherwise, the medium size is great for keeping all your smoking gear organized and within reach at home. The Amnesia rolling tray is one that’s built to last. It’s made with durable, unbreakable high quality aluminum. It’s super easy to clean and the tray’s round edges prevent your herbs from getting stuck in the corners. This affordable rolling tray makes a terrific gift for anyone who rolls their own joints and blunts. Get one for yourself and another for a smoking bud who’d love getting an amazing new tray.

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