E-Z Wider Rolling Tray with Slick Silicone Liner


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    If you’re looking for a sweet-looking rolling tray that goes the extra mile by doing double duty, you need the E-Z Wider Rolling Tray w/ Slick Silicone Liner.Use the smooth metal side of this 11″ x 7″ tray to keep things neat & tidy when rolling herb. Use the non-stick silicone-covered side as a dab tray for your concentrates, dab rig, and accessories. You can also take off the silicone liner if you need more room for your rolling gear and herb. The sturdy rolling/dab tray is made of hybrid metal. It features a colorful iconic design, smooth rolled edges, and raised sides to prevent your things from rolling off. When it’s time to clean the tray, the silicone liner sleeve is easy to remove. This cool-looking, dual-purpose tray is priced right so you get the most bang for your buck. Choose your favorite design and make your seshes even greater than they already are.

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