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    Dust Devil
    If you like to switch between concentrates and herbs every now and then, then the Evolution Dust Devil sidecar hybrid dab rig is the perfect piece to add to your glass collection. Measuring only 7 inches in height, it might be compact in size, but it is large in percolation power. The Dust Devil is made from quality borosilicate glass and equipped with all the features to deliver a devilishly good smoke session.
    This hybrid dab rig features a 14mm male joint and comes delivered complete with a set of attachments with female joints including a dry herb bowl, a quartz banger, and a vapor dome with handle and nail. The showerhead percolator is equipped with numerous slits that divide the smoke and spread it out into the water, creating loads of bubbles and a whirlwind of smoke all the way up to the sidecar mouthpiece, hence its name. The sidecar mouthpiece is slightly flared, for a snug mouth seal. It is placed in a backwards angle, which allows you to smoke your herbs in a more comfortable, laid back position. So put your feet up and get comfortable before igniting this compact percolation beast.

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