Diamond Glass 7” Dab Rig Recycler


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    Diamond Glass Dab Recycler Rig Features:Height: 7″
    Base Width: 4.5
    Round base
    Showerhead perc
    Recycler body
    Includes bowl AND banger!
    7” Dab Rig Recycler – Everything You Could Want AND Comes w/ Bowl + Banger!If you are looking quality and unique-looking glasswork, look no further than 1Stop Glass bongs and rigs. This piece definitely fits their unique collection. This beautiful dab rig is comes out of California, USA. and is made from durable borosilicate glass and measures 7 inches in height.
    As you pull, the smoke travels through the fixed slitted diffuser downstem. The slits will diffuse your smoke and create a much smoother hit. The piece comes with a bowl as well as a banger included. What more could you be looking for?!?
    This rig features a colored wide, stable round base and bent neck for extra comfort. It’s ideal for for those who are looking for a compact piece that can still get the job done. With a diffuser at the bottom and a bent mouthpiece above, you’ll be bubbling away with no chance of dirty water getting in your mouth. The cool design functions as a water recycler and splashguard, so you don’t have to worry about water splashing.
    1Stop Glass has created this piece in clear glass and colored accents on the base and on the mouthpiece.

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