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    Enjoy your waxy concentrate in style with this Blaze Vapor Bong with Double Showerhead Percolator by Evolution. The vapor bong measures 37cm / 14.5 inches in height, is constructed from durable borosilicate glass. The vapor bong combines top-quality construction with incredible percolation power and is equipped with a double set of quad showerhead percolators, for ultimate filtration. The reinforced fixed downstem has an 18mm male joint and comes with a quartz nail and a female 18mm vapor dome. The extra-thick, circular foot provides great stability, and the flared mouthpiece is angled for a more comfortable and laid-back vaping experience.
    This stunning piece works by pulling the vapor through the downstem and through the submerged slits in the lower showerhead percolators. The bubbly vapor then continues up and through the upper set of showerhead percolators for even more filtration before exiting out of the flared mouthpiece for you to enjoy. This filtration process results in a silky smooth toke that’s full of flavor and easy on the lungs.

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