Alien Labs Dab Mat – Black Alien Head / 7″ x 5.75″


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    Alien Labs Dab Mat – Black Alien Head / 7″ x 5.75″ Step into the cosmic world of Alien Labs with this sleek dab mat featuring a striking black alien head design. Here’s why this interstellar accessory is a must-have: Dimensions: The 7″ x 5.75″ size provides ample space for your dabbing essentials. Silicone Construction: Crafted from high-quality silicone, this dab pad offers durability and resilience. Non-Stick Material: The non-stick surface ensures easy handling of concentrates and prevents wastage. Easy to Clean: Effortlessly maintain the mat’s pristine appearance with simple cleaning. Bring an otherworldly vibe to your dabbing sessions with the Alien Labs Dab Mat, featuring a captivating black alien head design!

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