6PC DISPLAY – Glass Stash Jar – 2.85″x3″ / Assorted Designs


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    6PC DISPLAY – Glass Stash Jar – 2.85″x3″ / Assorted Designs Keep your herbs fresh and organized with our 6-piece glass stash jar display. Each jar measures 2.85″x3″ and comes in assorted designs, adding a touch of personality to your storage collection. Key Features: Set of Six: Get six small glass jars in this display, perfect for storing different herb strains or other small items. Hinged Latching Lids: The jars are equipped with hinged latching lids that have seals, ensuring a secure closure to maintain freshness and prevent odor leakage. Assorted Designs: Each jar features a unique design, adding a fun and stylish element to your storage solution. Popular 420 Strains Theme: The jars are adorned with popular 420 strains themes, making them a great choice for enthusiasts.

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