30mg Sleep Gummies – Full Spectrum CBD, Melatonin – Orange – Chill (900mg)

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    Tired of being tired? Done with tossing and turning all night just to wake up feeling exhausted? Our new 30mg Sleep gummies are here to help! These tiny but mighty gummies were designed to revolutionize your sleep, from helping you hit the sack more easily to keeping you sleeping for longer. These delicious Orange-flavored Sleep gummies will ensure you get plenty of deep, restful sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling rejuvenated.Each gummy contains:25mg of Full Spectrum CBD: The main component in this Sleep gummy blend, 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD allows you to reap the benefits of the entourage effect, which happens when cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in cannabis interact to enhance one another’s effects. You’ll feel relaxed, at ease, and physically comfortable within the hour.5mg of Melatonin: To give your eyes the final push they need to shut, 5mg of melatonin come into the play once the CBD’s got you feeling nice and relaxed. Known as the sleep hormone, melatonin will lull your mind and body into sleep, ensuring you not only fall asleep faster, but also stay asleep with no sudden wake ups throughout the night.At Diamond, there is nothing more important to us than your safety. All of our products, including our 30mg Sleep Gummies in Orange flavor, are tested through third-party laboratories, ensuring the safety, quality, and efficacy of our products you’ve come to know and trust.

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