1g Lifter Pre-Roll – 70mg Delta 8 THC – Chill Plus – 1 Joint

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    Bask in the buzz of premium whole flower Delta-8 now in the sweet flavor of our world-renowned Lifter strain, all in one convenient pre-roll. Take this pre-roll – and the buzz – anywhere you go and enjoy all-natural hemp flower infused with Delta-8 THC, the all-new, novel cannabinoid with a completely legal high. And with 70mg of total cannabinoids underneath the hood, this buzz will last a long, long time. With Chill Plus Delta-8 Hemp Pre-Rolls in Lifter, you can enjoy a delicious buzz anywhere you desire.For you aficionados out there, Lifter is the love child of two classic and well-loved strains of bud, Suver Haze, and Early Resin Bud. It’s a relative newcomer to the hemp market, so be sure to treat it nice. You’ll love the cheesy aroma that has just a hint of fuel. And now Chill Plus Delta-8 Hemp Pre-Rolls, take that delicious Lifter profile and fancy it up with Delta-8 THC.And with 70mg of Delta-8 THC, Lifter will take you to new heights because you’re going to feel like you’re flying. But don’t worry because, unlike other cannabinoids, the buzz from Delta-8 THC is smooth, subtle, and all-around sweet. You’ll keep a clear head and still be able to take care of business thanks to the wonders of Delta-8 in this one-of-kind pre-roll from Chill Plus. But remember, you still have to be over 21 and don’t operate any heavy machinery.Delta-8 THC offers users the only legal buzz available in the country. It’s legal thanks to the Farm Bill signed a few years ago. But it may not last too long, so you better hurry! All Chill Plus products are third-party tested for safety and security, and none of our products contain Vitamin E Acetate. The only thing you get with us is a smooth buzz that lasts into the night.

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