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    Space Chocolates Triple Nut Delta-9 1.4oz BarIndulge in the perfect blend of flavors with our Space Chocolates Triple Nut Delta-9 1.4oz Bar. Each bar is packed with 100mg of legal THC and 100mg of CBD, offering a delightful and satisfying experience.Features:100MG Delta-9 + 100MG CBD1.4oz BarsWhen you’re craving the rich taste of nuts, our Triple Nut variety delivers the ultimate combination of almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts, creating a truly nutty sensation that’s simply irresistible.Precautions: Please use this product responsibly. Refrain from driving or operating machinery while using it. It’s important not to exceed the recommended dosage provided by your doctor. Consult a physician before usage, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. It’s imperative to be 21 years or older to purchase or use this product. Individuals with known or unknown heart, blood pressure, eye, or similar health issues should refrain from using this product unless advised by a doctor, as it may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some individuals.Legality: Our Delta 9 THC is legal according to federal law and many state laws. The hemp-derived extracts used are 100% derived from legal hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% ∆9 THC. However, it is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure the legality of this product in their state or territory. does not take responsibility for knowing the legality of the product in your area, and the customer assumes full responsibility for the legality of their purchases. It’s important to note that the effects of usage of the cannabinoids used in these products (Delta 9) have no definitive studies and are based on firsthand user experiences. We do not guarantee that your experience will be the same. If you need to pass a drug test, we strongly advise against using this product.Lab Report available for reference

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