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    Shop Best Sleep Reishi Gummies // Trusted Mushrooms™Product Overview:These delicious Gummies offer a way to amplify your wellness with functional mushrooms. They don’t just taste good, they make you feel great as well! Are life’s stresses getting to you? Try our gummies powered by Reishi Mushrooms – a daily 10 second routine to elevate your health and bring tranquility into your life .Product Description10 GUMMIES – 5000mgWATER SOLUBLE MUSC™ EXTRACTBEST VALUE ON THE MARKETContent Per GummyReishi MUSC™ Extract – 500mg/ea25mg KAVA10mg 5-HTPUp to 5X More Bioavailability Than Other Brands†These Gummies Are Designed To Support:RelaxationAdaptability to occasional stressImmune functionCardiovascular system health Our Gummies Are:Gluten-freeNon-GMOVegan Deeper Dive:Feel overwhelmed by work, traffic, drama, Mondays, or just the winter blues? Adaptogens like the functional mushroom reishi can assist you in maintaining your composure and uplifting your mood. With our delightful reishi mushroom gummies, you can tackle occasional stress, the ultimate vibe killer.Stress can disrupt the balance of your body’s systems, causing your adrenals to overflow with adrenaline and cortisol. This can lead to feelings of exhaustion, drained energy, restlessness, and unexplained irritability.

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