White Rhino Dab Straw Collector with Silicone Cap


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    The 5-inch long White Rhino Dab Straw is 12mm in diameter, and it comes with a handy silicone cap. This dab straw made of durable borosilicate glass is the simple way to dab without a rig or torch. There aren’t any parts to put together or connect and there’s no loading to do.When you want to take a dab, just heat the White Rhino’s pointed tip, put it in your concentrate, and inhale. With its crystal clear design, you can watch the vapor build inside the glass straw as you’re taking your hit. When you’re done dabbing, put the silicone cap on the end and slide the straw into your pocket or bag. This reliable glass dab straw is just what you need when you want to dial back your dabbing to keep things simple. It’s a pocket-friendly device that’s perfect to use when you’re outside your home and want to do some quick hits.

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