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    Shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet, the Dank Side Ashtray is perfect for any Star Wars fan or smoker in need of a good ash receptacle. This awesome ashtray is made from durable polyresin to ensure it will last a long time. This black ashtray with the space motif is emblazoned with ‘Welcome To The Dank Side’. The ashtray measures 4.15″ x 4.35″ and is equipped with 3 built-in cigarette rests. This cool ashtray isn’t cheap and flimsy. It’s sturdy, very well-made, and weighty. It not only makes the perfect place to flick ashes and rest cigarettes and joints between puffs, but also the ideal debowler, joint tray, or a handy place to keep small rolling essentials like your papers and tips.

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