VIBES Anodized 2-Piece Metal Grinder


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    Shredding up your favorite strains is never a hassle with the 2-piece VIBES Anodized Metal Grinder. At just 2.5 inches wide, this lightweight, compact, and very portable grinder gets the job done and fast. Your herb will get shredded to a fine consistency ready for rolling or packing thanks to the razor-sharp teeth inside this sleek VIBES metal grinder. There’s a powerful double magnet in the lid that creates a virtually air-tight seal. You can stash your herb inside the grinder and never worry about it getting dried out and stale. This grinder is made from anodized metal. The smooth finish won’t peel, crack, or chip away. It’s a great looking, durable grinder that’s pocket-friendly and ready when you need to shred your herb.

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