Swirl Tide Dab Tool


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    SPECSRound Tip
    Multiple Color Options
    Also Known AsRound Tip Dab Tool
    Dabber Tool
    Dab Tool
    DescriptionAre you looking for a simple and beautiful glass handle metal round tip dab tool?
    We are going to Introduce you to the Swirl Tide Dab Tool. This round-tip dab tool is as simple and as elegant as it gets. This round-tip dab tool is easy to use and easy to clean.
    This dabber tool features a round tip scoop with a colorful, swirled handle. This delicate swirl tide steel dab tool comes in 5 main color options and is a stunning piece to add to any collection!
    Choose the best dab tool today and take care of it like it takes care of you!
    RecommendationYou can check out our quartz, glass, or titanium dab tools. Also, check out our quartz nails for the best use with these dab tools.
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    FAQsDoes The Swirl Tide Dab Tool Only Have A Round Tip Version?
    Yes. We have added only the round-tip Swirl Dab Tool to our website.
    What Material Is Used In Making The Swirl Tide Dab Tools Handle?
    The Swirl Tide Dab Tools handle is made of glass, which is colorful and adorable.

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