Smokezilla Vacuum Storage Grinder – 6 Pack


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    There’s no reason to carry a stash jar and a grinder when you can use the very convenient Vacuum Storage Grinder by Smokezilla. This is a 2-in-1 device that serves as both a stash jar and grinder and it looks amazing with its awesome exterior design! It features a water-tight vacuum-sealed storage compartment for your herbs and a 4-layer grinder complete with a shredded herb chamber, a pollen catching screen, a kief chamber, and a handy-dandy little pollen scraper! There is a magnetic connection on the top layer of the grinder for overall security and super sharp zinc grinding teeth inside for making easy work of shredding through your herbs. The 2.5-inch tall Smokezilla Vacuum Storage Grinder is sold in a convenient 6-piece display. Whether you keep the grinders for yourself to share a few with friends or sell them in your smoke shop or dispensary, they’re sure to be well-received and well-used by whoever is lucky enough to get their hands on them.

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